by Apparition

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Recorded by Alex Upton at The South Bank Studio.
Mixed and Mastered by Lachy Pitcher at Depict Studios.
Photography by Elliot Oakes.


released July 30, 2017



all rights reserved


Apparition Adelaide, Australia

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Track Name: Goodbye
You'll always hold
A place in my heart
So cold and lonely, cause you put me here!
Its hard to see where this light will lead now
Now that your gone

Im letting go, im letting go of all of this,
Im letting go of all your lies and your selfishness
I dont need you and i will prove to you

Im better off alone, im stronger on my own
I will never bring myself to be lost without you
Cause i know you can be lost inside love too

Im giving up!
Your not worth it!
Your not worth these sleepless nights
My mind is racing and my heart is aching
Because of you, cant you see
Or are you too, blinded by your narcissistic eyes
I hope one day this hurts you!
From the bottom of my beating heart.
Track Name: Lost & Empty
Runnin through this in my mind
Runnin from all the problems in my life
Theres no light guiding me to a better place
I just keep searching for a better way
Cause i cant, I cant keep going on like this
With my head pressed against my hands
Mind in over drive, i stare to the sky and ask why!

What i need is someone to hold me tight
Never let go hold tight and never let go!

I feel myself, slowly slipping away
Cause i need you, i need you right here next to me
These streets stained with helpless tears
I try push on, but the end of this helplessness feels so distant
I wish i could see the light to guide me!

So lost in the unknown, i hope to see you soon
I hope to see you soon

I feel it in my chest this complete resounding emptiness!

Ive never felt
So cold
Ive never felt
Ive never felt so cold
With the weight of the world (x3)
Track Name: Broken Youth
Take a look at what you've done!
You've destroyed everything!
This is why, i wander with so much hate
Feeding your frail body, with all this poison
And look where thats got you now
Its been a year
And were, still not getting any stronger
You say that this is the right thing for you
But what about us?
Left torn and broken, we fall.

Our worlds slowly turning to rubble, did you think of this?
Did you think of this?
When self medicating all your problems

And it breaks my heart, to see you like this
Youve destroyed everything!
I hope one day you will see
This hurt that youve inflicted on me
So many sleepless nights
Going over, all thats on my mind
Torn and broken
Left on my own
Abandoned i cry out, press on
And maybe one day you will see my hate!!
Track Name: Self Destruction
As the darkness closes over
His mind!
He finds himself, blind
Blinded to what this existence has to give
Blind to the light

So my friends hold tight!

Take my hands and never let go!
You are a bright light in so many eyes
Dont let those voices control you
I know this seems like the easy way out
But the heartache caused will never leave the ones you love

So fight,
Fight for your life
You have so much left to give

Your only going to get stronger through this
So take a step back and realize
The world that we live in can be a cold, dark place
But through it all we will soldier on
We are the warriors on the front line ready for
This beautiful war called life!!